Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Two - After the big Quake - 1 March 2010

We've been through hell. In my 67 years, no experience like that before. We jumped out of into the closet thinking the roof might collapse. Everything on the closet shelves came down on us.....we were shook sideways VIOLENTLY.....didn't think we would live through that. They say it shook continuously for 45 seconds but I'll swear it was more like 2 minutes and we were screaming.....we didn't think it would stop. We were being shoved against the closet shelf edges, etc.....I should say slammed against. I've never been that shook up before...ever. Now it is Monday afternoon and the aftershocks are still about every 15 minutes or so that we can's kind of like the chair under us is wobbling or something.....sometimes the windows rattle. We are sleeping outside in our tent.....we are both scared to sleep inside yet. Our house is basically ok but sustained some minor damage. Ceramic wall tiles were broken on the interior walls in almost every room and crashed to the floor... also all glasses and dishes etc were thrown outside the cabinets to the kitchen floor and shattered....broken glass everywhere. Bottles of vinegar, ketchup, soy sauce...everything thrown out of closed cabinet doors and busted on the floor. No power yet....we're on solar power. And we use out generator in the evening before bed, then I get up and turn on the battery (solar backup) systen about 3 AM .....this keeps our deepfreezer and refrigerator running fine. The phone service, and internet, just came back on minutes ago.

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