Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Three - After the Big One - 3 March 2010

Tuesday morning.....we are still without power. Running on solar and/or generator at times. We are still feeling aftershocks every little while. CNN said the big one was felt in every country in South America. Sao Paulo felt it 1800 miles away. We live near the city of's NE of Concepcion.....we are about the same distance from the epicenter of the earthquake as is Concepcion. Actually Chillan is closer - exactly 100 km. from the epicenter of the big quake, Concepcion is 115 km. It was very horrible here. We are still feeling aftershocks every little while.....they are expected to continue for a month or longer. But we are ok. We have plenty of food---to last months if necessary. Because roads and highways and bridges are out, there will be big problems with deliveries of food, fuels, etc. There may be martial law -- there is already a nightly curfew in Concepcion. We live at about Km. 18 right near the highway ...the highway that runs between Chillan and Coihueco.

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